Community Medical Oncology Specialists

Our team of Medical Oncologists are cancer specialists leading the fight against cancer, using the most advanced treatment. Located at the Community Cancer Institute – Central California’s premier comprehensive cancer care center – our patients receive first-in-class technologies speed detection, diagnosis and treatment. And most importantly, we have patient-focused services to support you throughout your entire journey.

We specialize in treating cancer and blood disorders through injection and infusion therapy, including traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy. Our team of Medical Oncologists collaborate with experts in all other departments at the Community Cancer Institute to provide coordinated and integrated, multidisciplinary care.

Haifaa Abdulhaq, M.D.

Medical Oncology

M. Mansoor Alam, M.D.

Medical Oncology

Uzair Chaudhary, M.D.

Medical Oncology

Sanjay Hinduja M.D.

Medical Oncology

Dina Ibrahim, M.D.

Medical Oncology

Omer Ilyas, M.D.

Medical Oncology

Constance Stoehr, M.D.

Medical Oncology

Hung Tran, Pharmacist

Laith M. Altamimi, NP

Natalia Detrick, NP-C

Therese Hinz, NP-C

Stephanie L. Kapsimallis, NP-C

Jennifer L. Lallo, NP-C

Stephanie H. Mercado, PA-C

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