M2 Oncology

Dedicated to providing patient care that is compassionate, coordinated and patient centered.

Welcoming Environment
When you first step into our office, you’ll immediately discover the difference in our patient care. Our intimate environment provides a level of comfort that will put you and your support system at ease.

Trusted Reputation
Our patients experience the latest in cancer care with innovative treatments and technology, and we’ve established a trusted reputation for our exceptional patient care. Our practice is also proud to have the Community Cancer Institute next door for our patients to have as an additional resource.

Concierge Care
We’re dedicated to treating each patient so they don’t feel like a number, but a person with a specialized treatment plan unique to their needs. Dr. Moffett sees you as a partner in your care and encourages you to be informed and engaged.

Personalized Care
Current quality projects include:

  • Reducing wait times for treatment
  • Ensuring your prescriptions are filled before you run out
  • Improving care coordination between hospital stays and our clinic
  • Improving care coordination between our clinic and radiation oncology
  • Decreasing barriers to care (transportation, translation, cost of care)

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